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To lower the maternal and infant mortality rates in northern Nicaragua by creating a sustainable funding structure for the maternal health center, which will be financed by endowments to micro-financiers in the local economy.



Cama Fina’s innovative structure will prove to change the way people view their
donations to non-profits. We believe that donations should function as sustainable,
consistent investments that support community development, with the payoffs being
improvements in maternal and child healthcare.

By June 2015, Cama Fina’s endowments to non-profit micro finance lenders in
Nicaragua will be used to create responsible, fair loans to small businesses. The interest
paid on the endowments will then be donated to the maternal health center in Quilali. A
financially secure center provides expectant mothers proper healthcare and family
education in an effort to reduce infant and maternal mortality rates in the region.
The success of Cama Fina’s model in Quilali will lead to an expansion of the organization
to other centers working in the reduction of maternal and infant mortality in



  • Improving maternal and child health programs in Nicaragua through a greater access to funds and resources
  • Commitment to ensuring our donations remain in the local communities
  • Transparency and due diligence of investments are top priorities
  • Rural economic growth can directly relate to improvements in maternal healthcare
  • Growing endowments through responsible financial management
  • Creating consistent donations by minimizing the affects of macroeconomic shocks